Monday, January 27, 2014

Learn Arabic Numbering & Pronunciation and Characters

Fastest Way To Learn Modern  Arabic

Because faster than you can say "ahlan wasahlan", the secret shortcuts I want to give you will remove any doubts or nerves you have about speaking impressive Arabic. In fact, in any scenario you want to have Arabic knowledge for, you will soon be desperate to show off your Arabic skills.

Can You Speak Arabic

The secrets to accurate pronunciation. Every word in every codebook is transliterated so you can make accurate pronunciations. All the Arabic characters with explanation on pronunciation and examples of how they are written. Arabic numbering, pronunciation and characters.

  Learn Arabic Book, Learn Arabic For Quran 

An overwhelming amount of content. Over 1000 study examples of grammar, phrases and vocabulary. A well structured and organised course. 10 instantly downloadable PDF Breaking The Arabic Code language course books. Clear Arabic typesetting. Every word and expression is also written in Arabic so you can successfully learn how to read and write.


Unlocking The Secrets To Quickly Learning And Speaking The Arabic Language.  

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