Saturday, January 18, 2014

How To Learn Moroccan Arabic Online Free

How To Learn Arabic, Learn Moroccan Arabic Online Free 

Rocket Record allows you to listen to the way native speakers say hundreds of Arabic words and phrases. Read And Speak Arabic For Beginners Then you can record yourself and accurately compare your speech with that of the native speaker.

It really is a fantastic way to learn Arabic by increasing the amount of Arabic words and phrases you know, and at the same time massively improving your pronunciation and accent.

Learn Arabic Alphabet

with Rocket Record is great for your confidence. Virtually every Arabic word and phrase in these lessons uses our Rocket Record voice comparison technology to get your pronunciation sounding as close as possible to a native Arabic speaker. Learn Spoken Arabic Online. 

How to Understand Spoken Arabic with Testing

Most of our Arabic lessons take advantage of Testing, our exclusive testing tool. Learn Arabic Through Malayalam Testing has three testing components, Hear It Say It!, Write It!, and Know It! Plus the multi-choice Quiz.

1. Hear it Say it!
Training your ear for Arabic can be one of the things that Arabic learners find the hardest to master. That’s why we came up with Hear It Say It!

The Best Way To Learn Arabic.

Here’s how Hear lt Say It! works. A randomly selected audio track from within each lesson is played. After listening to the track you’re prompted to record yourself saying the word, compare the way you say it to the Arabic speaker, and rate how well you understand what the speaker was saying. How To Learn Arabic Language, A very powerful tool to tune your ear to spoken Arabic.

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