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Arabic Word Pronunciation Sounds & Meaning

How to pronounce the seasons in Arabic

Learn Moroccan Arabic Online. Seasons in Arabic; Do you know the Arabic words for summer, fall, winter and spring? It’s time to learn the seasons in Arabic with this free online lesson. Learn Arabic Free Software Whether you’re making travel plans or chatting with Arabic-speaking friends and family, the seasons are handy to know. How To Learn The Arabic Alphabet.
El rabee3
El seyf
El 7`areef

 These seasons may vary slightly throughout Egypt. Some parts like Upper Egypt is extremely hot during summer and cold at night and they get rain during the period of October to March.

يناير Yanayer January
   فبراير  Febrayer   February
مارس     Mares   March
ابريل    Ebril April
مايو    Mayo May
يونية    Yonya  June
يوليو       Yolyo      July
اغسطس      A3`ostos  August
سبتمبر     Septamber September
اكتوبر    Oktobar October
نوفمبر     Novamber  November
ديسمبر   Dicamber
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